Ignored files in Failed Items

My ignores generally work fine - however, I’ve just noticed that on 2 Mac laptops (using the same ignore rules) aren’t ignoring some files, but are saying “Permission Denied” as the reason.

|.DocumentRevisions-V100|permission denied|
|.Spotlight-V100|operation not permitted|
|.TemporaryItems|permission denied|
|.Trashes|permission denied|

In my ignores:


These rules SHOULD catch those files, correct? Regardless of whether they are readable?

It should. That works for me. Not sure why it doesn’t for you…

Any recommendation for debugging? I’ve tried re-scanning, re-starting, playing around with the ignore rules…

Permission denied doing what tho? The error message is usually longer.

Is there a better message in the log?

Here are the only relevant entries with the text of the error msgs or the folder names in question:

14:44:41 INFO: Scanner (folder vianney, file ".TemporaryItems"): scan: open [path redacted]/.TemporaryItems: permission denied
14:44:43 INFO: Scanner (folder vianney, file ".Trashes"): scan: open [path redacted]/.Trashes: permission denied
14:44:46 INFO: Scanner (folder vianney, file ".Spotlight-V100"): scan: open [path redacted]/.Spotlight-V100: operation not permitted
14:44:46 INFO: Scanner (folder vianney, file ".DocumentRevisions-V100"): scan: open [path redacted]/.DocumentRevisions-V100: permission denied

Is there a way to see a list of files that are actually being ignored currently?

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The error message is actually a recently introduced (cosmetic) bug: The file is effectively ignored, the error is just reported before ignores are checked. If you can file an issue on github about this, that would be good. Never mind, I am in a bit of a hurry (Christmas holiday impending), I’ll do it myself :wink: Scan errors about ignored files displayed in web UI · Issue #5397 · syncthing/syncthing · GitHub

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@imsodin, thank you for identifying this, and filing the bug report. I would have been happy to do it myself, however :slight_smile:

I knew it was something new(ish), as I hadn’t seen it before. It’s good to know that my ignores aren’t being ignored, however!

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