Ignore sync'ing a git repo

Hey Guys, I have recently setup up syncthing and am currently using it to sync between my osx laptop and desktop. I am a developer and have a heap of different projects within a Projects folder that contains git repos as wells as other project related asserts that aren’t within repos.

Now I’ve been reading the forum and can see thats its not recommended for a number of different reasons to not sync a git repo. This is totally fine for me as my workflow uses a central git server.

However for the life of me I can’t seam to workout how can I sync my project’s folder and get all the non git asserts, but then also ignore all syncing of the any repo’s within that folder?

Can someone let me know if this is possible at all? Thanks Luke

Its not possible to do automatically as it would mean ignoring a directory based on its children, which we don’t have a mechanism for.

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If you don’t mind the actual files in the “working area” of the git repos to be synced (i.e. you work on the same tasks/branches on your synced devices), you can just ignore .git. I do ignore paths where my git repos are, but I still have .git in my ignore patterns just as an additional “safety” measurement.


Hey, thanks Jakob, Without knowing the code base I just wondering how hard you think adding a feature like this would be? L

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