Ignore sync-conflict files?

Hey all. My sync pipeline is currently jammed up by a few large sync-conflict files. Is there a way to ignore all sync-conflict files? I wouldn’t need those to exist across the whole network only the computer that generated them.

Yes, I believe it’s covered by the documentation, in the config section.

That will stop generating them, but it won’t ignore them.

But sync-conflict files are essential no? Can I disable sync-conflict files on all the nodes but leave them on the hub server in case of emergency?

Essential in what way?

The fact they are happening means you are modifying files concurrently in multiple places. Yes, they are essential to prevent data loss, but it’s not obvious you care about them if you don’t want to transfer them.

Disabling conflicts on all but one device will not prevent data loss, as they might not happen on that one device.

In the past I’ve used sync-conflict files to rescue files that were corrupted by Syncthing so I definately want some of them. However I’ve never had to use the sync-conflict files generated by the nodes, only the ones on the server.

You can also ignore sync conflicts, which gets you a weird middle-ground: They get created, but then also immediately ignored. Thus they exist on disk, but aren’t synced to any other device.

That’s a serious allegation, without any evidence, and I haven’t ever seen any before. Syncthing doesn’t corrupt files, it syncs files as they are. If files get corrupted somehow, Syncthing syncs them in their corrupted state - that’s not Syncthing corrupting them.


Woah! I apologize I didn’t mean to accuse anyone of anything. You’re totally right I should have phrased that better I also don’t have any serious evidence of Syncthing corrupting our files.

They get created, but then also immediately ignored. Thus they exist on disk, but aren’t synced to any other device.

This would be ideal yeah? That way the sync-conflict files aren’t taking up bandwidth but they do exist if we need them for any reason. I’m only unsure how to ignore those files since putting “sync-conflict” into the ignore patterns doesn’t seem to do it.

Following the Docs (see https://docs.syncthing.net/users/syncing.html#conflicting-changes), the conflict files are named <filename>.sync-conflict-<date>-<time>-<modifiedBy>.<ext>. This means that if you want to ignore them, you need to use a pattern like


or similar.

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Awesome! Thanks so much I’m going to give it a go.

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