Ignore subfolder on one device but not the other

I have three devices I want to sync files between, which I’ll call Desktop, Laptop, and Mobile.

I have a sync folder called Files. It contains SubfolderA, SubfolderB, and SufolderC.

I want Files/SubfolderA and Files/SubfolderB to be shared between all devices, but Files/SubfolderC to only be shared between Desktop and Laptop because it’s very large and I don’t need those files on Mobile. Is there any way to achieve that without having to create separate shares at the subfolder level?

Yes, on device “Mobile”, use the following ignore pattern:


Or, even better, do the reverse by including only the subfolders you want so that you’re free to add new subfolders without having to explicitly exclude them on the Mobile device:

// Sync only the following top-level subfolders...


// Ignore everything else...

(See the Ignoring Files documentation page for more details and examples.)

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Oh I was under the impression that ignore patterns only worked in one direction (if that makes any sense), because after I tried to set it up as your first example I saw the number of files and size of the folder jumping up to the full size on Mobile. But after trying again it works, SubfolderC isn’t being pulled. I guess that’s not representatives of files actually on the device, just the global state of the folder? In any case thank you!

Yup, the local state reflects what’s actually stored on the device while the global state represents what’s available for syncing.

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