Ignore rules by computer ID instead of by folder syncs?

Hey All We want to be able to sync the right files to the people we share work files with. For now we setup with them ignore rules to include an ignore file we manage ourselves, finishing with a “**” However, nothing stops them from removing the rules and sync the whole folder (which is, well, in our case not a big deal except that there computer will download lots of data and start to get full).

My question is : would it be possible to set ignore rules “by computer” that are resolved before ignore rules by folder? That way we could manage the synced files from our principal node server and don’t bother anyone with installing ignore rules remotely


This is impossible at the moment. The related issue is https://github.com/syncthing/syncthing/issues/7836 which would allow to share the same folder multiple times with different ignore patterns.

Ok! Thanks for your help