Ignore patterns to/from other computers (upstream/downstream)

I have a folder Test synchronized in Send/Receive between computers A, B, C.

Can I have different “Ignore patterns” on each computer?

When setting ignore patterns like the screenshot below on computer A, does this mean:

  • Don’t upload subfolder1’s local modifications to computers B and C


  • Don’t download subfolder1’s modifications on computer B and C to the local (computer A) filesystem?


  • both ?

Can we set ignore patterns in upstream or downstream direction?

Example (pseudo-code):

Enter ignore patterns, one per line:
subfolder1 ->        # don't send local modifications of subfolder1 to computers B and C
-> subfolder1        # don't receive modifications of subfolder1 on computers B and C to local filesystem (computer A)




Sure, that’s one of the points of using them, e.g. if you only want to sync some of the data to a device with small amount of storage.

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