Ignore patterns are not shared between devices?

Are the ignore patterns on each folder supposed to be shared between devices?

It seems like I need to configure the ignore patterns on each device for the same folder, etc.

I guess this provides more flexibility (ie. one device can ignore different files than another device) but it’s a bit cumbersome having to re-configure the patterns on multiple devices?

For shared patterns per folder I have default ignores setup with this an include directive like this:

#include .stignore-shared

Hmmm, OK – It looks like that tells the ignore patterns to include a file called “.stignore-shared”.

Do you need to create that file and make sure it’s synced across the devices then?

Please read up https://docs.syncthing.net/users/ignoring.html, especially the part about #include. You can sync your own files with ignore patterns in them, and then load them this way. If you modify the file on one device, it will sync to the others. The only problem is that this doesn’t work when adding new folders from scratch as the file doesn’t exist yet, however this shouldn’t be a big deal unless you’re adding a path with pre-existing files.

Thanks a bunch. I think I understand what it’s doing…

The only issue is that you need to edit .stignore-shared (or whatever) using a text editor and not the Syncthing Web UI, right? …and you need to create it and copy it to every new shared folder (like you mention)?

Yeah, that’s a bit of an annoyance on setup, there might even be a ticket open: The file needs to exist before you can add the include directive. Otherwise syncthing complains and stops syncing that folder.

Got it, thanks very much for the help everybody!

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