Ignore Pattern to Include Everything

Syncing on 1/2 dozen machines & several androids. It works pretty well. Thanks to all.

For most folders, I only want to sync a small number of files. To keep a sort of standard general implementation I include an stignore that includes a standard file name as it’s only entry. The included file looks like (without my comments):

//  Syncthing ignore file

!(whatever other files I want to sync)

That seems to work fine.

But I also a shared directory on most (but not all) machines that is a kind of catchall that I want to sync everything. So I made it like above except that I comment out the * line

// Syncthing ignore file // //


// *

thinking that now no file should match. But that doesn’t seem to work. Instead I had to use:

// Syncthing ignore file // //



Is that right? The way it’s supposed to work? Shouldn’t a file that matches nothing in the file be sync’d? Which I would think would be the case with just commenting out the * line.


Yes, it should. But you’re talking about including files and stuff, and not showing any includes. So I think your examples are not the whole truth. Also the double slash is not a comment character in ignore files. No, it really is.

missed your note on the double slash. I thought I had seen that in examples. Is there a comment? Could the double slash be screwing things up?

Went over to https://docs.syncthing.net/users/ignoring.html

and it has -

A line beginning with // is a comment and has no effect.

So it is! I remembered this wrong.

that’s all right. I seemed to be screwed up too because it does seem to be working now. Put it back to what I thought it should be, just copied/pasted a couple times a file already in there and viola, they showed up as expected.

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