Ignore Pattern Not Working For Sub Dirs

I have a folder syncing setup for only .mkv .avi and .mp4 files. Using my ignore patterns (given to me by a member of reddit) how would I tell it to also check sub directories?

Example: F:\Complete\ is the sync folder. Need it to check F:\Complete\dir1\dir2

Ignore settings on the sharing machine:


Thanks for any tips!

You can’t unignore just extensions, you have to unignore all the paths up to where the files live.

See .stignore - can't unignore a subfolder of an ignored folder

My current settings work fine for the main folder but not sub folders.

I did look at that link earlier and tried adding ** to the end of my ignore settings with no success.

That being said I never know the sub directory names as they are auto generated so I don’t think that will work.

I just need it to search all dir’s for the 3 file types and if it finds those types transfer them.

Thanks for your help

You can’t “search”, you have to explicitly know where the files are or invert the ignores and ignore all other extensions apart from the ones you are interested in.

Ahh thanks that wording makes sense to me now!

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