ignore pattern + inversed ignore pattern = out of sync

If an inversed ignore pattern and a regular ignore pattern are in the same .stignore, the ignored files are handled as “Out of Sync Items” by Syncthing.


  • node1 ◄sync► node2 ◄sync► node3
  • Please notice, that there is no sync between node1 and node3.

node1: no ignore pattern configured

node2: ignore pattern

//sync all mp3 files

//ignore all other files and folders in root

node3: no ignore pattern configured

Expected Result:

*.mp3 files are synced from node1 to node2 to node3 and vis-a-vis. No other files are synced.

In fact Result

MP3 files are synced correctly. If other files than *.mp3 files are present, in the console of node2 they are shown as “out of sync” at receiving nodes. Even so, they are correctly not synced to the receiving node1/node3.

This occurs on windows and android installations.

I’d guess this is probably https://github.com/syncthing/syncthing/issues/7474. If that’s the case, then it’s got nothing to do with “inversed ignore patterns”, but rather the culprit is

There’s no fix or workaround right now, so you either need to connect all three devices together, or just live with the false “out-of-sync” state.

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