Ignore Pattern For Windows Reserved Characters


We have successfully managed to sync between Linux and Windows. How do we ignore any files that have windows reserved characters as we are getting multiple errors. It just keeps retrying and throwing up the same errors.

[JJKYA] 2022/09/30 10:53:56 INFO: Puller (folder “EDI” (d96sj-ytekl), item “3000\out\LI001708.INP:Zone.Identifier”): syncing: name is invalid, contains Windows reserved character (?, *, etc.)

Just would like the ignore pattern to enter please. I can’t seem to find this anywhere.

Thank you

The are many reserved characters and filenames. For the common ones, you can simply try something like this.


The rest you can find at https://learn.microsoft.com/windows/win32/fileio/naming-a-file.

Hi, This worked perfectly. Thank you.

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