Ignore folders only for specific remote host

Is there any way to setup ignore patterns that are only in place on specific remote hosts?

I am using Syncthing to sync my Obsidian folder between multiple pc’s.

I have a folder structure in Obsidian that looks like this:

Root folder
- file 1
- file 2
Sub Folder A
Sub Folder B
Sub Folder C
Sub Folder 1
Sub Folder 2
Sub Folder 3

I would love to block sub folder A from syncing to only one remote (remote pc A). Same for Sub Folder 1 but block that to a different remote (remote pc B)…

Why do I want to do this?

I sync my home PC with my work PC and my wife’s PC.

I want to keep a copy of all my work and family files in one place (my home PC). But my work PC doesn’t need my family files and my wife doesn’t need to see my work files.

  • I want to share only the family files with my wife.
  • I also want to only share work files with my work computer…

I know I could do this if I set up sync per sub folder but that tedious… just looking for possible solutions…

Afaik you should be able to simply configure the relevant Ignore Patterns on the receiving devices, Remote PC A and Remote PC B.

I thought ignore patterns were global. I didn’t realize ignore patterns could be configured on either side and it would only affected the side its configured on.

a quick test of this seems to be working…

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