Ignore files on just one device

I am sharing one folder with 3 devices. 2 of them are syncing the whole folder the other one just shares some parts of the whole folder. I did this by using the ignore function. On the last device (which shares just parts of the folder) the status of the folder is “not synced”. All files (except the ignored ones) are synced perectly. how can I surpress this warning?

Restart Syncthing on that device if you haven’t, otherwise it’ll remember a bunch of files that it no longer can sync. If you already have, check what files it thinks it wants to sync and the error on them (in the folder section of the GUI).

Already done but no success. Before I started syncthing the folder, I already had the .stignore files in the folder. There should not be any file which is in the ignore list. I will take a look in the log.

The other two devices put all files into the global index. The third device ignores some of those files, so it is out of sync according to global index.

This is the normal behavior when the ignores are not in sync.

So I have to live with it?

Seems that way, with the current ignore implementation. The other two will always show the third device as Synchronizing (xx%) and the third device will always show the folder as out of sync with all ignored files in the unsynced file list.

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