ignore files - clarifying directory vs contents of directory

I looked through the docs and there was no explicit explanation of directories vs subdirectories. A forums check didn’t help either. Can you help me clarify if this how synchthing works? If the bullets below are correct, how can I submit a change to the documentation?

A directory name with no trailing characters ignores the directory and everything under the directory. (mydirectory)

A trailing directory separator ignores the directory and everything under the directory - same as without the trailing separator. (mydirectory/)

A directory separator followed by an asterisk (mydirectory/*) ignores the files in a directory, but not the directory itself.

Frankly I’m unsure of how the middle one is interpreted, although I’m leaning towards point number three rather than number one. Try it to verify. And then please open a request tom clarify, by having an account on github and then following the “edit this page” link from the relevant documentation page. :slight_smile:

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