Ignore Delete not ignoring - was it intentionally disabled?

From reading I understand devs don’t like this feature and view it as a ‘ugly hack’ but it used to work. Now setting Ignore Delete seems to do nothing (between Windows PC and android) because all deletes on A (Send Only) are followed on B (Receive Only, Ignore Delete) despite B having the Ignore Delete option ticked.

Is this intentional, has the ‘hack’ been formally disabled?

No, it’s still there and that bit of code hasn’t changed in ages. So no reason it shouldn’t work. Please try to reproduce your problem in a clean setup and provide the steps here.


Windows from web gui: add folder all default except Send only share with desired device


Android: accept share sent from windows, set to local folder all default except: Recieve only Ignore Delete (set through web gui on Android)

Putting a file in A gets synced with B, deleting from A causes syncthing to delete from B as well. This is on an existing current setup on a home network where this used to work, I can try later with a completely clean setup

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