Ignore a specific folder in a specific device

Hey, i’m trying to ignore a specific folder in a specific device, this is what i’am trying to do:

I’am trying to ignore this specific folder on a specific device on the Advanced Setting, “D:\OneDrive\Aulas-PUCRS\Fundamentos-da-Programacao\Marco\Exercicios”

And i keep get this error " Decoding posted config: json: cannot unmarshal string into Go struct field DeviceConfiguration.devices.ignoredFolders of type config.ObservedFolder"

That’s not a thing that is editable in the config editor, really, but you can press “ignore” when the share prompt pops up. If that’s what you’re trying to do… Or are you really looking for ignore patterns?

Wdym? Like, i’am trying to use this, but, idk ignore patters either, can you explain for me? Maybe with this explenation, i can do what i’am trying to do…

In the “Ignored Folders” in this specific device, i’am trying to put the specific folder, in case, the “Exercicios” folder (Exercicios mean Exercises in portuguese)

I’m attempting to sync the Documents folder on two windows PCs and noticed that within the documents folder, there are a few folders that I do NOT want to sync. I don’t see any options to exclude a folder or file. Am I missing something or is this currently not supported?


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