Ignore a specific folder and contents

It appears that I need the dummies version of how to ignore a folder. I’m syncing Libraries\Documents\ between two windows PCs. Within the Documents folder, I have a folder “Snagit” and I DO NOT want to sync it between the two PCs. Initially, I entered “D:\Libraries\Documents\Snagit” on one of the PCs (the path on the other PC is dfferent, e.g. “R:\Libraries\Documents\Snagit”. This did not resolve the issue. I reread the documentation and changed the line to “Snagit”, still the folder is attempting to sync. What the heck am I doing wrong?

I tried to resolve the issue by what I see at https://docs.syncthing.net/users/ignoring.html however what I see vs what I understand is two different things. I just don’t understand the examples just don’t make sense to me.

Entering just Snagit is the correct solution. Since the files are already syncing / partially synced they will remain – ignoring something doesn’t make Syncthing remove it. You will need to remove the files manually after ignoring them on both sides.

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