If I have folders with different contents on different PCs, will Syncthing sync both?

I have two computers, a laptop and a pc. They both have folders in the same directory path with different contents, as I was not able to sync them. I have added the laptop as a remote device on my pc, so will it overwrite the laptop files or will it sync both?

The content of the two folders will be merged.

Ok, thank you

@tomasz86 : I’m assuming here that if you have a file with the same name on each system, but without identical contents (and/or timestamp?) Syncthing will recognize the conflict with each file being copied to the other system and renamed with the ‘conflict’ tag. Or is one kept with the original name and arbitrarily the other renamed with the ‘conflict’ tag?

Corrections and/or clarification?

Differing timestamps is not a problem. Content differences will be treated as a conflict, which Syncthing has no way of knowing how to solve, so it relies on YOU to solve those in whatever way you think is correct. One of them will have the “conflict” name.

So no, you do not lose any data, not because of Syncthing anyway. Maybe if you resolve conflicts the wrong way, but that is on you…!

In addition, there’s also a special case if two files have same content but their name differs in case only (i.e. file.txt vs FILE.txt) where Syncthing won’t sync them until you intervene and rename them to match manually. Of course, this applies only when using Syncthing in case-insensitive environment (e.g. Windows, Mac, Android, etc.).

Nevertheless, Syncthing, especially with the default settings, always tries very hard not to destroy any user data :slightly_smiling_face:. You should still keep additional backups if the data is super important though.

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