IE admin GUI error

Dear friends,

If I visited the admin GUI through IE I got the following error from admin GUI:

“! Connection Error” “Syncthing seems to be experiencing a problem processing your request. Please refresh the page or restart Syncthing in the problem persists.”

But if I visited the adimin GUI through Chrome everything is fine.

My OS is windows 8. What setting could be wrong in my IE?

Thank you very much!

Do you allow cookies?

My IE privacy setting is default “Medium”: third-party cookies could be blocked. If I do not want to change this setting to “Low” or “Accept all cookies”, what should I do to make Syncthing working in IE? Thank you very much!

Can’t you add an exception for syncthings address or mark it as trusted? Also, which version of IE?

“Medium” should be fine though, so I don’t think that’s the problem. But you could test it. Otherwise check the Javascript error console for any clues, perhaps, as this seems browser specific.