IDrive could potentially interfere with Syncthing?

I know some users here use IDrive, and I have just bought a year’s 10TB storage.

I do a weekly backup of mt 4TB Syncthing-ed folder to an otherwise-offline identical 4tb drive. Doesn’t take long to copy new or changed files with FreeFileSync, and it’s not exposed the rest of the time.

Really I would rather that IDrive use that backup 4tb for a cloud storage source, but reality being what it is, IDrive is not quick enough, and the backup 4tb would need to be online too long.

Therefore I am going to use the ‘live’ Syncthing-ed 4tb as the source for IDrive, and was wondering if others had experience of problems doing this - for example, in cases where IDrive has listed files to upload and they are changed during the wait. And I wonder too if IDrive locks files, causing out of sync errors in Syncthing.

Any experiences appreciated!

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