Ideal setup on synology nas for 3 systems to sync fast

Can anyone give me guidance on best way to set up 3 synology nas units to sync between each other fast? Im not sure i have set them up right, ive set listening on all to quic:// and then each nas has the following under edit device/advanced quic://:22000 (they are on a vpn so all on same network). in firewall on the nas i have allowed 22000 port and the other st ports.

I notice though they change ports so when connected dont all connect with 22000, and files transfer quite slowly despite having really good speeds everywhere! Im guessing ive done something wrong!


TCP is usually faster than QUIC, and you can generally leave things at the defaults – Syncthing will try to establish a local TCP connection. If you see devices connected with a local IP address you should be fine; that one side of the connection uses a random port is expected.


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