Icon: "filename invalid" when syncing from Mac to Windows

I’m a newcomer on this platform. I’v got a problem of synchronization. Yesterday, everything was fine, but today the two folders to share are out of sync on my win 7 laptop. I checked my macbook, all folders are up to Date. The Error message is filenames is invalid. C:\Users\xavier\Documents\ALVEOLES ARCHITECTUREIcon the normal adress is C:\Users\xavier\Documents\ALVEOLES ARCHITECTURE - I don’t know why Icon was added at the of the adress. it’s the same problem for both folders. Thanks in advance for your feedback. Best regards Xavier

There’re two problems here.

The “failed items” dialog is missing a slash between the folder path and the failed item - it’s trying to say the failed item is C:\Users\xavier\Documents\ALVEOLES ARCHITECTURE\Icon. This is cosmetic and fixed in 0.14.29.

The real problem is that the file is actually called Icon\r (i.e., “Icon” followed by a newline) which is not a valid filename on Windows. You can ignore this file by adding the following ignore patterns, preferably on both sides:


This means do not ignore files called Icon followed by letter, number, underscore or dash, ignore files called Icon followed by any other character and delete them if they are in the way. This whole dance is needed because it’s not possible to express the \r character directly in the ignore file.

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