I want to delete :(

Hi, I have a computer sync with 10 other (mac/windows). I delete a folder with 173 sub folder, just want to delete it (all is empty). OK, but they are always recreated :frowning:

Any idea ? Tks Sam

What happens? Any indication in the web UI? What are the 10 other devices doing, might any restore stuff consciously? What timeframe? Logs, screenshots, … Essentially please provide more information.

Hi Simon,

You’re right !

On my laptop = 2019-05-09_18-26-25

logs = logs.zip (1.5 MB)

Server = 2019-05-09_18-37-50

All computer are on syncthing V1.13 . One computer is an imac.

On this share 6 Computeurs : Neptune WIndows 10 / Pluton Windows Server / Sam Windows 10 / Carine Windows 10 Pro/ Imac / Bureau windows 7.

Thinking about a computer have this folder, but how can I delete on all computer ? Perhabs need to reset database folder ?

Tks. Sam

There’s tons of failed items, try to address them (or show them here if you can’t).

For Example :slight_smile: [OMFFZ] 09:23:54 INFO: Puller (folder “HiBou Society” (3wknn-suadj), file “06-Site\clients.hiboubox.Com\mantisbt-2.19.0\plugins\MantisKanban-master\pages\kanban_page.php”): file modified but not rescanned; will try again later

Typically this would be the result of a case-only rename (06-site -> 06-Site for example). If that’s the case, remove or rename to something that differs in more than letter case.

Any way to resync all ?

Remove folder on both sides and readd.

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