I use Tidal with synctrayor. And I need HELP!

I’ve really had no problems downloading music from there until today.

But when I tried to dl from Tidal this morning I got this error in my sync folder: 08:48:51 06 MAY 2021 - 179000953 - tidal - AU The token has expired. (Expired on time) on tidal AU

The guy who helped me set this up has ghosted me and I can’t get ahold of him anymore. I literally have no idea how to get another token to download from Tidal.

Can a kind soul help me out?

Should also mention that I literally can’t afford to upgrade so I’m still one of the Vista users out there.

It’s not clear to me how this relates in any way to Syncthing or SyncTrayzor. On the off chance that it does you’ll need to provide more information on how and why. But it sounds like you might be better of on a forum for Tidal or whatever program it is that uses that Tidal token.

I’ve looked everywhere for a solution so yes it’s SyncTrayzor related. So this forum is my last hope for an answer.

Sorry, but I don’t think it is.

I wrote SyncTrayzor and I had to look up what Tidal is… I’m pretty sure they’re unrelated!

Where exactly did did you see the error “08:48:51 06 MAY 2021 - 179000953 - tidal - AU The token has expired. (Expired on time)”?

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