I seem to be having issues between the GUI and the daemon.

Folders and devices are greyed out and I can’t make any changes to them. In the past after I rebooted and clicked on SyncThing GTK, it sometimes said there was an error and it lost connection with the daemon, then crashed. Also, the web UI rarely loaded up whenever I tried opening it. Usually it would work at first but after I closed the tab and tried opening it again it wouldn’t load.

I tried installing from the repo but nothing changed. Tried reinstalling from the software center again but nothing changed.

I deleted the .syncthing and .syncthingGTK config folders and reinstalled them. Now after I reboot, the folders and devices in Syncthing GTK sometimes light up but I still can’t make any changes to them.

Does anyone have suggestions? I’m running Linux Mint 19.3. Thanks.