I need some help with a windows 10 auto backup issue

I posted this in the general since it has nothing to do with syncthing, BUT it does have smoething to do with a similar topic of backups. I posted here because i feel like maybe someone knows how to help me out.

I have been using windows 10 auto backup for the last month THINKING it was workign but it is not. It is only checking to see if the ORIGINAL files that are in my folder have changed. It is not backing up the new folders or files i have added to the original folder.

I have a folder called “School files” Everyday i add new files and sometimes new directories to the “School files” folder. These are very very important and i do not want them lost, so i started using auto backup thinking it would backup any new folders or files added to the “School files” folder. Windows auto backup is not backing up any of the new files or folders.

How do i make it do so?


Honestly, you will probably need to ask for help on another, possibly Windows-specific forum if you want to receive proper help with detailed instructions on this one. If you don’t want to switch to a third party backup solution, I can only suggest to try using “Backup and Restore (Windows 7)” which is available in the Control Panel instead of the new “File History”. This one can work on a per-folder basis and will back up everything in the folder, maintaining proper version history. However, because it operates on files and not blocks, it’s also quite inefficient when it comes to space usage. This shouldn’t be a problem with documents and such though.

Just in case, if you do decide to try “Backup and Restore (Windows 7)” out, when setting it up make sure to select specific folders only and not the full system image.

If you don’t it will back up the whole system partition (and potentially others) together with the selected folders which will take a lot of space.

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thanks for the advice. I have posted in the official mocrosoft forums but no answers and its been 3 days. I have also posted on reddit with no answers. I might have to do this manually or find a basic copy paste script, since i do not know how to program, that will copy the entire folder, including any new sub-folders and files and paste it to a external drive and have it as a batch file. My only issue is, how do i automatically make it so it doesnt do the “copy and replace” option or something.

I have some old dell optiplex 320 P4’s that run XP and nothing runs on xp anymore for backup stuff haha. I mean, ssh server is installed on them and works great but i still have to manually copy and paste it.

thanks. ill keep looking

With a SSH server already installed on those old XP machines, you’ve got a way to get files on and off, so check out the following open-source apps:

Duplicacy has an active user forum, so any questions you might have with the setup and usage will be no problem.

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