I must be missing something / Can't add another folder to Sync

Syncthing/SyncTrayzor can sync two different folders under one program, right?

I thought I could add a new folder on all the copies of Syncthing/SyncTrayzor I have running but when I go to hit save, I get the ‘No Entry’ sign.

I’ve given it a shortname, which I was going to put the same on all machines, the folder location, and the two machines clicked in the checkboxes. Yet I can’t hit save.

What am I missing?

There seems to be a bug in SyncTrayzor, where the folder field is not revalidated (and seen as valid) when you use the Browser Button (this button is a SyncTrayzor addition).

It will probably work, when you edit the folder field after using the Browse button. So just add a character at the end and remove it again. This should make the folder field valid and you being able to save.

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Yep that’s the one. I’m planning to release today with a fix.

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Thanks Guys, did the work around on two machines, then about to do the third and it suggested I update, and in the ‘changelog’ I see it. :wink: Time to go back and update the other two… :wink:

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