I lost all my desktop icons

Hello, today I wanted to try Synchthing with a friend and I ended up getting some problems : s

I synched their folder to my C:\Users\Userame\Desktop (so the files inside the folder were directly put to my Desktop). Then I removed the folder and re-synched it on C:\Users\Username\Newfolder (Newfolder didn’t exist yet) and by doing this all my icons were gone. I’m almost sure there also were some (non important) files too on my desktop but I don’t know where to check if they are recoverable… I read both logs but couldn’t find any information…

Second log: https://gist.github.com/tavernhell/8cd3adbe86d192540a8fe130e087a7d9

Synctrayzor: 1.1.24 Synchthing: v1.11.1 Windows: 10 last version

Thanks in advance

Looks like you clicked on Revert Local Changes which removed the files. Like robocopys mirror, it will reflect on your desktop what it sees in the sending folder, so essentially clearing it.

If you have versioning enabled you might recover the files, else it’s previous version via windows or a backup.

To me, it’s working by design and you made an error with the paths

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