I hope someone can add my computer without my confirmation

Because I want to share some files with many people, if everyone needs my confirmation to connect to my computer, I will be very annoyed.

From Syncthing’s Getting Started page:

Two devices will only connect and talk to each other if they are both configured with each other’s device ID. Since the configuration must be mutual for a connection to happen, device IDs don’t need to be kept secret. They are essentially part of the public key.

Not requiring approval/confirmation would defeat one of Syncthing’s primary security features.

It sounds like a general-purpose web server might be a better solution if the goal is to share files without authentication.


You might want to consider putting the files on a cloud storage server that offers this feature.

There are also home cloud server options as well such as the western digital my cloud.

There are free options that offer limited space.

If you’re on a tight budget you can sign up for a few of them that offer five or 10 gigabytes each.

In China, if home users use their computers as web servers, they will be blocked from the Internet because home networks are cheaper than company networks.

Western Digital’s NAS is too dangerous. Not many people’s Western Digital NAS was hacked by hackers some time ago and all the data was deleted. And I want to share 700GB of nudist bath videos and pictures. :rofl:

Not sure what solution would work for you, then.

Sounds like you should serve a set of BitTorrents people can download and use that for distribution of your creepy pictures and videos. Perfect for BitTorrent.

Syncthing seems like not a good solution anyway as it’s an all or nothing proposition unless you set up a bunch of different folders for different stuff.

Anyway good luck.

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Agreed, Bittorrent is what you should look into.

Instead of hosting a syncthing server, host via Bittorrent.

How true is this? I’ve never heard anythign of the sort

Well, there was a breach back in 2018 that allowed access to NAS devices, then again in 2021 when a lot of them were remote wiped by hackers, and then apparently the cloud service went down due to some hack now again in 2023. So I guess they don’t have the best track record.

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BT cannot add or modify files in the later stage, so what if I want to add files in the later stage? I think it’s better to use ipfs, as adding files later is also very convenient.

Yes, I “think” bittorrent would require you to re-create the torrent file to add content. If the torrent name is the same, it may not matter but I have never hosted files.

I don’t know anything about IPFS but I’m starting to learn.

I’ve downloaded the client from Github and there is no working search box.

I noticed that ipfs-search has shut down it’s operations so I have absolutely no idea how to search for content.

Is there a public search engine?

How exactly would you share your content?

I have no idea how to proceed with IPFS.


OK, I loaded 2 files into the app and it gave me a CID. On another PC that CID is searchable. This might work for your project.

I have been paying attention to ipfs for several years. It is too difficult to use. I share files on my desktop computer, and then I can hardly receive them on my mobile phone. I think that without 20 years of development in decentralization software, It is impossible to develop well

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It seems like a great concept. Just a failed implementation I guess.

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