I can't connect with rest API commands, CSRF error

I’ve read that you don’t need to supply X-API-Key when using the post methods of the Rest API, i only really have use for the Events API which is a get method, I’ve tried connecting to it using Chrome,Edge and C#s’ HttpClient all showing the same CSRF error, i went into the Syncthing config file and copied the CSRF token and attached it to the request (X-CSRF-Token) to no avail, this is how i perform my request

Sorry if this was worded poorly and/or the answer is obvious.

The API key is needed (afaik for everything when not using user/pw) and needs to be a header, not in the URL. The csrf token is only for subsequent requests when using user/pw.

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To use the POST methods, or any method when authentication is enabled, an API key must be set and used.

user Set to require authentication.

retrieved from the documentations.

as i didn’t set the user/pw i thought i didn’t need to apply the key. also the error threw me off, i think it is counter-intuitive to show me an CSRF error.

anyways it worked, thank you very much.

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