I broke my Syncthing config by binding the WebGUI to port 80

(Allan De Bono) #1

[X4D4K] 13:53:24 INFO: Database block cache capacity 65536 KiB [X4D4K] 13:53:24 OK: Ready to synchronize Download (read-write) [X4D4K] 13:53:24 INFO: Starting web GUI on [X4D4K] 13:53:24 INFO: Completed initial scan (rw) of folder Download [X4D4K] 13:53:24 FATAL: Cannot start GUI: listen tcp bind: permission denied

Edit. The devil is it never creates a config file and when I use homebrew to uninstall some remnant of a configuration is carried over.

Please provide help.

Thank you

(Jakob Borg) #2

The config is in ~/Library/Application Support/Syncthing/config.xml. Open it and replace the port number and you should be fine.

(Allan De Bono) #3

Thank you this worked perfectly.

(Raghupathi Kammari) #4


Does it works 80 port on syncthing application ? When I tried port number from to I am getting following error

[AUUF5] 12:09:24 FATAL: Starting API/GUI: listen tcp bind: permission denied [monitor] 12:09:24 INFO: Syncthing exited: exit status 1 [monitor] 12:09:25 INFO: Starting syncthing [AUUF5] 12:09:25 INFO: syncthing v0.14.21 “Dysprosium Dragonfly” (go1.8rc2 linux-amd64) jenkins@build.syncthing.net 2017-01-25 07:33:35 UTC [AUUF5] 12:09:25 INFO: My ID: AUUF5YM-LJ4QWM6-3NMSEGL-CEA4NF4-65XKCNB-IJKYMF5-335AWWA-3XH5MQN [AUUF5] 12:09:26 INFO: Single thread SHA256 performance is 353 MB/s using minio/sha256-simd (348 MB/s using crypto/sha256). [AUUF5] 12:09:27 INFO: Actual hashing performance is 294.52 MB/s [AUUF5] 12:09:27 INFO: Ready to synchronize “Default Folder” (default) (readonly)

(Jakob Borg) #5

Port numbers below 1024 are privileged ports and can’t be opened by non-privileged processes.

(Raghupathi Kammari) #6

Actually I installed on user account If I install syncthing in root is it working with port 80?

(Jakob Borg) #7

Do not install Syncthing as root for this purpose. If you very much need the GUI on port 80, put it behind a real webserver, use iptables or similar to do a port forward, or give it the cap_net_bind_service capability.

(Raghupathi Kammari) #8

Thank you

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