HTML syntax with translation tags

Is there a reference how to use the translation tags in the HTML code, e.g. in gui/index.html?

I tried a nested command such as

<p translate>For more information, see<a href='foo'>the SyncThing documentation</a></p>

but that doesn’t work; I needed to extend it to

<p><span translate>For more information, see</span><a href='foo'><span translate>the SyncThing documentation</span></a></p>

(edit: fixed examples)

Syncthing uses, so the guide there is what goes.

Generally, you want plain text and not HTML inside the translate directive. You can insert variables though, with some magic - look at how the upgrade button does it.

Your first quoted code above should work just fine though?

Thanks, I’ll have a look at the guide there.

I mixed up the two lines of example in my original post :slight_smile: You’re right, the elaborate one works