HowTo: Syncthing on ReadyNas (not as root)

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I grabbed Syncthing from Syncthing (R6x86) — Unfortunately it runs as root so here is how you can change that:

I’ll be using the admin user for this example but you can substitute this out for a different user as long as that user has read/write for all the data you want to sync.

Stop the Syncthing app via your ReadyNas admin page

SSH into your ReadyNas and ensure all the Syncthing files can be accessed by your user

sudo chown -Rv admin: /apps/syncthing/conf/*

Now we need to change the startup user and group

sudo nano /etc/init.d/syncthing

Scroll down and change #Permissions to

# Permissions

If you don’t have nano run sudo apt install nano -y

Start the Syncthing app via your ReadyNas admin page If it doesn’t start run

tail -t /var/log/syncthing.log

and stop / start the app again via your admin page to see what error might be causing it not to start.


Hi Andy, thanks for the ping & for writing this post, I will work through it.

OK - I don’t see the Syncthing app on my ReadyNAS admin page. That’s because it was intalled using the CLI.

That’s fine though, it can be stopped simply by visiting the Syncthing web GUI on http://Your-ReadyNAS-IP-Address:8080 & clicking Actions > Shutdown from the menu in the top right.

However the install location of Syncthing is different too… on my machine it is at


So would I use

sudo chown -Rv admin: //root/.config/syncthing/*

If I list the directories under syncthing there isn’t one called conf.

I am wondering if I need to delete this install of Syncthing under root and install it correctly elsewhere… unless the current install can be moved with all it’s files.

Incidentally, what does do to justify charging €3 for Syncthing when it is available free from here? Are they making them compliant to be listed as apps on the ReadyNAS GUI? Granted it isn’t a large sum & I am merely curious.

Thanks in advance.

Well, re-reading my original thread, Nummer378 did say:

so ¯_(ツ)_/¯

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