How to use the Shared With for multiple devices?

OK here is my scenario.

PC Desktop Server (2 way sharing) Pictures Music

Android Mobile 1 (2 way sharing) Pictures Music

Android Mobile 2 (2 way sharing) Pictures Music

I tried to create the folder in synctray with both devices for the share but it is not working properly.

And all 3 systems folder is set to two-way sharing so if a file updates on local, Android 1, or Android 2 it will get shared with the 2 mobile devices. So I don’t want separate folders as I want them to share the same music and pictures.

The problem is either it will not sync the folder with the device OR it will create a separate folder for sync for each mobile device. This is not what I want as I want to have the same folderr synced to all devices.

I suspect my error is with the sharing with both devices but I can’t seem to find documentation on how to use this feature.

You need to give it the same folder ID (not name) on each device. Either manually when configuring the folder initially. Or you add it on one device, select sharing to the others, and wait for a notification to pop up there. When adding from that notification, the correct folder ID is already pre-filled.

OK thanks for the explanation.

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