How to use Syncthing between Windows and Windows Subsystem for Android?

Please can someone help me set up Syncthing to sync files between Windows and Windows Subsystem for Android (WSA), running simultaneously on the same machine? Currently one won’t start if the other is running. Thanks.

Please keep in mind that this is just a generic advice from someone with no experience with using WSA in particular, but if you want to run multiple Syncthing instances, then the most basic requirement is to use a) different home (config/data) folders for each of them, and b) different ports for the GUI. There are some other specific settings that need to be tweaked in relation to discovery and listeners, however Syncthing should still start without touching those.

First, are you aware that your windows files are available to be accessed in the windows subsystem for Linux?

They are located in /mnt/c

Personally, I have a symbolic link set up in my WSL home directory that points to my windows home directory.

This might be all that you need.

If you truly do need to synchronize files that are on your windows drive to your WSL Drive I will set that up as a test later on and confirm that it works okay.

You’ll be using up twice the disk storage space because the same files will exist in two places on your computer.

Is this what you want?


No problems with the configuration files in this scenario. The Windows installation of syncthing will use the standard windows directory for the configuration file.

WSL is a complete installation of Linux in a Windows environment and if you install syncthing for Linux it will use the Linux configuration file directory and will appear as a completely separate installation.

I will try and duplicate this later on tonight. I’m not certain how the two installations will be able to talk to one another as the WSL version of Linux is using a private NAT NETWORK address.

In WSL the entire C partition is automatically mounted in /mnt/c

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