How to upgrade Linux version (Raspi4)?


I have been having some odd issues with my Syncthing setup (which had been running perfectly up until recently)…

One thing that I want to do to rule it out as a contributing factor is to upgrade the main installation that I have on my RasPi4 - which is the main “server” that I have sharing with all my other clients. In the settings on the Pi, it says that automatic upgrades are disabled by the administrator.

My issue is that I can’t remember how I installed it (with apt or by downloading the zip file). What is the best way to go about upgrading without messing up the setup that I have now?


Best way depends on how you installed it sadly… If its apt, upgrade using apt, if it’s a zip, replace the binary with a new one and restart.

That’s what I was afraid of - is there an easy way to tell where the binary is? From the installation instructions I have seen - when you download the release and unpack it, there is no install script - so if I can find the syncthing binary, that whould tell me where to copy the unzipped files to?

Also, I just ran:

find / -name syncthing

I am thinking that it is running from the ‘syncthing-master’ directory in my Downloads folder (where I have what appear to be the contents of the previously downloaded pacakge - including some other folders that are not in the new pacakge), but I also see the syncthing file in:


So would I just replace the one in usr/bin with the new version from the one i grabbed from the syncthing-linux-arm64-v1.10.0 folder? Or do the other files from the downloaded package need to be placed somewhere too?

This is an indicator that it’s from an APT (or snap?) repository - the GitHub builds do not have upgrades disabled (by default).

which syncthing

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which syncthing returns: /usr/bin/syncthing

However when I check my /etc/apt/source.list there are no entries in there pointing to syncthing (nor is there anything in the sources.list.d folder.

Syncthing is also included in the official Ubuntu/Debian/Raspbian repositories (thus not requiring a custom repository in your sources), altough the versions available there are pretty ancient.

On modern debian-based distros, you can check whether an apt package is installed via

apt list --installed syncthing

(This will print something like syncthing/syncthing,now 1.10.0 amd64 [installed] if apt has installed a package with that name)

pi@RasPi4:/etc/apt/sources.list.d $ apt list --installed syncthing
Listing... Done
syncthing/stable,now 1.0.0~ds1-1 armhf [installed]

So i have a very old version it seems.

Should I follow the instructions here:

Will this cause issues with my current file structure/database?

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Can’t make any guarantees, but I suspect that this will work just fine. Apt should be smart enough to replace the current version with the other repo (once it’s added to the sources) and syncthing will automatically migrate the internal config and database.

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Cool - I copied the folder off as a backup (just in case). I will give it a shot.


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