How to update the global state with my folder's state?

I fear I have completely broken my setup but I am hoping there is some way to recover. I have a server with a send-only folder that has some files in it which I am just trying to keep cloned onto my local box. I made a mistake with my local copy and I accidentally deleted the whole folder, but luckily I had a backup from about a month ago so I restored that back into place.

Unfortunately, the problem is now the global state seems to have updated to just the files I restored (i.e. the 1 month old copy) which is about 50 files or so fewer than should actually be there. My local folder says it is up to date (local and global state match). On my server, the global state is the same as well, but the local state on my server has the extra 50 files. It says there is a mismatch and there is a red “Override Changes” button.

Based on what I’ve read here the Override Changes will cause my server to pick up the Global state and effectively delete the 50 extra files it has in its filesystem. What I actually want to do is sync the global state from the local state on the server, but I don’t see any way to do that. How can I update the global state?

“Override Changes”, when clicked on the server, will propagate the server’s state to everyone else.

I don’t understand how a “Send Only” folder can pick up changes from another box.

Can you share Screenshots of both sides?

I guess the other box which is the partner of the send only node is configured as send& receive so it propagates its index (local state).

but still help says:

In send only mode, all changes from other devices in the cluster are ignored.

and @matt5784 says:

Screenshors from both sides are better than a thousand words.

Right, it worked as intended insofar as the global state updated (from the receive folder that was actually set as “send&receive”) but the local state on my server is unaffected, and it didn’t delete my files. So as far as I am concerned the “send only” setting is functioning properly.

I actually read for some reason that clicking “Override Changes” would cause the server to override its local state with the global state and then broadcast that global state out to all other clients. What is the purpose of "Override Changes" button? Here it says: " Override changes tells the master to take the global version of all files, increment it by one, and advertise it to everyone"

I didn’t want the global state of course, so I thought that clicking the button would cause my server to delete any extra files it had in its local state, so I didn’t click the button.

I actually went a different way and I just deleted the folder and recreated it on the server. Once it finishes scanning I am going to add it on the client machine and hopefully everything will work out.

I think you should quote the full message:

@AudriusButkevicius: “Override changes” tells the master to take the global version of all files, increment it by one, and advertise it to everyone, causing everyone in the cluster to download all the files the master has (as this is now the newest version).

Audrius is talking about the index in the first part of the sentence and describes how the Files of the Master receive the status of being the newest and thus being re-transferred to everywhere.

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