How to tell if a relay is being used?

Is there any UI indication that a relay is being used for a particular node? I definitely love the new relay system, but I worry that it might obscure connection issues between nodes that I could resolve myself – otherwise I might wind up unnecessarily using relay bandwidth.

There’s a little “Relayed Via” if you expand a particular device, if it’s using a relay. It’s not very obvious, granted.

Thanks. I guess that means none of my nodes are using relays, which is why I couldn’t find it. :smile:

An option for a visual indication when the device is collapsed would be nice, but this is sufficient. (I’m one of those people who obsessively checks to make sure everything is connected optimally.)

If it’s security you worry about the encryption is end to end… the relay only sees gibberish.

My question had nothing to do with security…

It’s good to be worried about unnecessarily using relay bandwidth. I would like to run one 24/7 myself but Comcast limits my bandwidth and since I’m a Netflix hungry user, I have to count all my bytes at home. If only everyone were as polite of others bandwidth as you. :slight_smile:


It’s for everyone’s benefit: they don’t get their bandwidth used by someone who doesn’t need it, and I don’t have to deal with increased latency and slower speeds. :+1:

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Yeah, I want to put together a PR which both shows an icon when the device is collapsed, and puts a bit of text saying who’s relay it’s going through. Just need to get around to it…

Same thoughts here - that’s why I suggested

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