How to synchronize more than 3 computers at once

hello everyone
How does a Syncthing synchronize more than 3 computers in parallel ? Can do?

Yes, we can. It keeps indexes.

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Can you give me more details

Please take a look at the documentation of the user interface and how to get started with Syncthing

Are all versions supported ?

Receive only folders are since 14.50+.

Receive only folder? What meaning?Any more ?

You can read more about folder types here: Foldertypes

Can you explain more what you want to achieve?

┗|`O′|┛ Thank you very much

so I use a V0.14.48 ,I need at least four computers at the same time synchronization but cannot be achieved

Just use the “normal” Folder mode. Then you can sync as many PCs as you like.

Can you explain more what you want to achieve? In Detail?

I have a few GB large files need to be synchronized, respectively, in the home office on a business trip, etc. And then when I delete these files, the progress bar have been 95% on a web interface And there is no change and No delete empty folder

Can you post screenshots of both sides?

Did you change the folder type to normal?

Do you use the ignore files function?

Oh I am sorry . Seems to be running normally again . I did the screenshot again when it came up again. Thank you

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