how to synchronies two sever i

how to connect two server in different location and we don’t have site to site VPN services, but SSLVPN access we have, suggest me how to do folders synchronises in syncthing, how to configure for two different location server,

If both servers are on the same subnet and can ping each other syncthing should be able to connect. You might need to enable global discovery or set addresses by hand as LAN discovery might not work.

both servers don’t have same subnet mask this is two different network, different sub netmask, suggest me how to connect this kind of server,

I thought that they’re connected via VPN?

You don’t need to change any Syncthing settings - defaults already work for your scenario. You might need to adjust your router/firewall settings to get a direct (fast) connection: Firewall Setup — Syncthing v1 documentation

how to do setting in firewall, i have sophos XG firewall

  1. Read the explanation I linked above.
  2. Apply the steps to your firewall.
  3. Enjoy the results or ask concrete questions if you get stuck.
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