how to sync many phone to own folder

Hi, I new with syncthing. atm i just create own cloud at home with truenas, i can sync 1 phone to 1 folder, next issue how to sync many phone to own folder phone dad → phone dad Cam folder phone mom → phone mom cam folder phone sister → phone sis cam folder

at the end all folder will share to windows with own password

atm 1 only create 1 pool with 1 hdd, do i need to create more pool for each phone?

many thanks for help

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Welcome @wthubhub ,

From what I understand, you seem to want have many “sending folders” and one single “receiving folders” with a one-way transfer to the “receiving folder”. Correct?

That is not how SyncThing works, so what you want is not possible with SyncThing. Have you read Getting Started — Syncthing documentation ? If not, please do.

Short summary: SyncThing is a sync tool, not a transfer tool.

BR /Martin


Hi, @martinleben

i think i must share my stuff i have 1 hdd at my local truenas, and 1 pool with 2 database. each database i set windows share with own user id &passowrd

currently i already success sync my phone to my own folder, and access it by windows 10 with my own id & passowrd

next project is i want to sync my kids phone to my kids own folder. i don’t why i can’t sync my phone kids to my kids folder, always direct sync with my own folder. since i protect my folder my kids can’t read it.

i share some picture

if u see the picture it should be the phone sync to william folder don’t why always end to joanne folder

thanks before for help

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It may be just me, but I’d say it’s still very unclear what you’re intending to do exactly.

If you want to sync each phone to a separate folder on the PC, you just need to create separate folders in Syncthing for each device, i.e. if there’re 10 devices, then you will have 10 separate folders on the PC, each of them linked with a different phone.

If your intention is to sync each phone into one folder on the PC, then you can also do it by creating a single folder on the PC, and then sharing it with all the phones. However, this way all the files will end up being synced with each device, which may not be what you want.


@tomasz86 sorry for unclear message, i send picture hope can more clear. i not using windows maybe it will be more easy by windows, but i’m using truenas.

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There should be no difference regardless of the OS here, but you don’t seem to be using the normal Syncthing Web GUI on the NAS, which I’d assume to be the culprit here. Is it possible that you open the very same Web GUI on the device (probably remotely)? Otherwise, I doubt many people will be able to help unless they’re already familiar with the exact interface that you’re trying to use to control Syncthing there.

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@tomasz86 below the GUI i use from NAS, i think is correct GUI right?

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Yes, that’s the correct one. It’s still unclear what the exact problem is about though. Looking at the screenshot, the folder seems to be syncing, and you’ve got one device that’s connected but no folders have been shared with it yet.

Just in case, I’d strongly suggest checking if you haven’t already, as I suspect there may be some confusion regarding the GUI here.

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yes the only issue now how to sync phone A to correct folder, and phone B to correct folder. basically both device can connect and do sync. just don’t why can’t connect to correct folder.

at NAS i already make 2 mount point, don’t know is correct or not?

i already set /mnt/mypool/william for phone A, but still the phone sync the file to Joanne folder.

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The Syncthing Web GUI on the NAS shows only one folder existing though. To make things simple, what I would do is to add all the required folders to Syncthing on the NAS under different paths first, and then share each of them with a device that you want to sync it with.

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i will try it tomorrow.

thanks for you advise & help.

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Finaly i move to windows, now all my issue solved. I like truenas coz power consumption lower than windows.

thanks for all help and advise

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