How to sync firefox bookmarks

I am new to Syncrhing and I like it. Just want to know how i can sync Firefox bookmarks (Linux mint 17.2 XFE)

Same way you’d sync everything else, potentially adding sqlite wal and temp files to the list of ignored files.

Depending on how Firefox configures sqlite to flush stuff, you’ll probably need to sync the wal file, not ignore it.

Firefox has an integrated sync solution that you should probably use. I bet that if you try to sync between running Firefox instances you will lose data and possibly corrupt the database.

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If you’re just after the bookmarks, then firefox makes a backup of them every day in the ~/.mozilla/firefox//bookmarkbackups directory. You can just put that directory as a sync folder?

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Then you will have to import them on your own regularly, I guess.

I recently switched to qutebrowser which stores bookmarks as plaintext files. Nothing could be simpler than syncing plaintext files. :blush:

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No you only have to import them when you lost them and have to sync it back with syncthing…but then again syncthing is not a backup solution :wink: Anyway I would definitely use the “file versioning” in case you kind of use it as backup :wink:

That does not make sense for me. liberace wants to sync his bookmarks. So I would expect that a recently added bookmark on device A appears automatically on device B. Nobody in this thread has asked for a backup solution; am I missing something?

Hmm he didn’t mention to be able to use it on other devices, but sounds logical indeed…so you’re right… Then the only way would be like AudriusButkevicius and canton7 wrote…OR not use synthing at all for it and go the way ifam wrote: use firefox sync

Users who wan’t to sync their bookmarks AND use them simultaneously in another FireFox instance, should definately use the FireFox integrated sync-feature, as mentioned by @lfam.

Otherwise you’ll end up with corrupted files, on both ends. If you specified a Master Folder, then you might end up with corrupted files only on the slave, but it’ll lead to confusion and pain in resolving useless trouble.


If I may pose a suggestion, I’d propose the use of this little applet: . It is a java program, so it is cross platform. I’m using it to sync all my favourites and it works well on windows 7, ubuntu and mac OSX (all tested). I just didn’t find how to sync it on my cellphone, thus I’m using the exported html file to access my favourites on my phone. The database of jboom is a xml file, so it’d be fairly easy to develop a android app to edit it (I suppose, since I’m not a programmer).