How to sync files with AWS S3 Bucket?

I want to setup synchronization between my device and AWS S3 bucket, so any file i upload in my local device should be in sync with AWS S3. Can anyone please gude how to do this?

This is not something that is supported. You can probably try to mount S3 as a filesystem, but I suspect it won’t work well, even then, you’ll have to run two different instances of syncthing on the same machine which is a hack.

okay, Thanks for the help

Maybe Duplicati is a better idea in case you seek one-way sync for backups.

There is also rclone which I’ve never used but have heard good things about.

AWS S3 an object storage, not a block storage, it can’t be mounted or similar, in required an additional layer for programming, due to all operations run over API, it might be interesting to hook Amazon and Google cheap storage as a backup send only storage. (and that interfere with bidirectional paradigm of this application) Plus a quite amount of thousands human hours to get it done.

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