How to sync files matching a path

Greetings. First time syncthing user here. I’m struggling to get the ignore patterns I need, and would appreciate some guidance. I want to sync all scripts (*.sh) one folder down from the root, but syncthing does not have access to a deeper subfolder, so I want to ignore it. I thought the following should work:


However, I get

error while traversing /data/docker/mongo/data/db/journal: permission denied

Given it’s not working, I tried a couple of simpler scenarios - they wouldn’t sync the data I need, but I thought both should work and not be bothered by the db folder.

Example 1 (does not complain):


Example 2 (fails, complaining about /data/docker/mongo/data/db/journal):


The documentation seems quite clear:

A pattern beginning with / matches in the root of the folder only. /foo matches foo but not subdir/foo.

So why is !/stuff/*.sh looking in /data? Any pointers on what I should be using?

I’m using 1.18 under docker on Ubuntu if it matters.

Ah, but then I reread the note…


Include patterns (that begin with !) cause Syncthing to traverse and watch the entire directory tree regardless of other ignore patterns.

Top-level include patterns are treated as special cases and will not force Syncthing to scan the entire directory tree. For example: !/foo is a top-level include pattern, while !/foo/bar is not.

So it seems you cannot do what I want.

Try to change permissions to this folder and its files to make it readable for Syncthing.

sudo chmod 755 -R /data/docker/mongo/data/db/journal

If the issue still exists, you can still ignore panic messages and see whether the sync work is affected.

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