How to sync client side only with REST API ?


I installed a syncthing server, and synctrayzor on my personnal laptop, sync a folder with 2 files.

From my work laptop, I’d like to sync this folder, using only the REST API.

I’m a beginner with syncthing, but I’m a software developer since around 20 years.

I didn’t find an answer yet, so is that possible to sync using only the REST API, and the EVENT API ?

If yes, what would be the good proc to follow ?



Whatever works for you (if you are willing to spend the time). You can check the API calls the UI is making via Chrome Developer Tools and mimic them.

Hi Audrius,

Thank you for your anwser.

It’s still unclear in my mind. I’m on client side, which web ui do I use to follow the API calls ?

I’m on a laptop with nothing installed about syncthing. I can of course access to the server web interface, but I believe that I won’t have any activity, cause I’ve nothing on client side.

For example, how do I generate the device ID on my laptop to send it to the server ?

I’m sure that I’m missing something, something I didn’t see into the doc.



I do not think it is possible to set up a Syncthing process on a server just with the REST Api. You will need to use ssh or something else to start the Syncthing process. Afterwards you can add and delete folders and monitor the completion status via REST API.


What do I need to know to build my own client solution from scratch, which is able to talk with the official syncthing server ?



take a look at for API docs


Thank you for your answer. I of course did that before asking my question, but of course (too) I may miss something, It’s not so easy to understand all of this great work by reading the documentation, because I’m reading it looking for answers for my questions, which is probably not the best way, but I’m only Human, after all :wink:

That’s why I came to ask.


If you want to sync from your work laptop to the server or the other laptop, you need a client running on that laptop (which uses the BEP protocol to sync to the other devices).

If you just want to control the server and / or other laptop, you can do that with the REST and event API.


Thank you for this infos. I’ll dig this way.



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