How to stop the syncthing favicon rotating (in my browser of choice)?


I recognized, that on my mac’s firefox (46.x) the favicon of the webgui-page of v0.13.5, Mac OS X (64 bit) is now nicely animated. Neat. How can I stop that rotation, which is indicating that something is syncing at the moment (or here…all the time)

I’d like to have it visually quiet in my browser, especially, when the syncthing-tab is not active :sunglasses:

btw: same browser and same ST-versions for the Win and Linux clients, but no animation is shown there…

I think we should do non-animated on all platforms. I thought we did that, actually.

That was what I thought too.

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Are they referring to favicon caching, or simply the fact of the new animation showing at all?

I have seen this effect before, we could use it to set the default icon when the tab is not focus.

The icon currently shows only when a folder is syncing, but not when a remote device is syncing.

@norgeous I thought the icon does not rotate?

Maybe I am incorrect, but from what they have said I believe they are referring to the rotating arrows part of the animated png ‘sync’ icon added recently, but would be nice for @sisa to clarify.

The icon itself does not rotate (wagon wheeling), but the tiny arrows do rotate.

Right, looking at the github preview the animation wasn’t there. And I didn’t notice it when I was trying it out. If I knew it was there I would have not merged it.

Those are my opened Tabs in FF (I’m using a vertial Tabbar):

This is my Urlbar in FF:

The (black) arrors are rotating. Its an animation. I’d like to choose wether to have the icon(s) animated or not, in the settings of ST.

There is also a black exclamation mark (!) sometimes in the blue ST icon. But it does not animate.

Different icons for different states of ST are fine with me, as long, as they do not animate (rotate or move) and grab my attention while I try to concentrate on other things in my browser.

Hopefully, I answered all your questions.

EDIT: the icon-animation (rotating arrorws) continues, even when I shutdown ST via the webgui.

We’ll take care of it for the next release.

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