How to stop old version from updating v1.18.0 Github?

I want to use the v.1.18.0 for Windows from GitHub, yet when I start it, it’ll automatically update to the newest 1.19 version, which I’d like to avoid. How can I do this?

There is a special option for that:

I’m sorry, but downloading it from Github, how would I be able to use the --no-upgrade command before opening the .exe so that it does not upgrade the install?

That is a command line option that you just write after the .exe name when starting. It depends a bit how you start it, probably a launcher shortcut? At the command prompt it would be:

syncthing.exe --no-upgrade

Another option would be to set an environment variable in the advanced system properties in Windows settings. Name it STNOUPGRADE with a value of 1.

Once you have it running at all, there is also a configuration option in the Web GUI’s settings dialog to disable automatic updates. Then you don’t need the variable or the command line switch anymore. (The corresponding configuration option in config.xml would be autoUpgradeIntervalH)


You can also use brute force and simply disable your network connection before starting Syncthing. Then, disable automatic updates in the Web GUI and connect to the network again :wink:.

This is the only thing that works, I’m guessing I have to start it with

syncthing.exe --no-upgrade

Everytime, right?

Automatic updates are disabled by default for me via the GUI, however I’m not sure that it won’t auto update if I start it without the “no-upgrade” argument.

There are two places to control automatic update behaviour. One is from the webgui which is stored in the persistent configuration file. The commandline is just another way (non-persistent) to control this. For Syncthing-macos we use --no-upgrade because we never want to update Syncthing in the delivered bundle on macOS.

Hope this clears things up.

Yeah, so is seems the GUI doesn’t allow to change the setting manually, because the --no-upgrade switch does it automatically. If you run without it, Syncthing will indeed autoupdate.

You can either do the “no Internet” thing that I mentioned previously, or run with --no-upgrade first, then open the Advanced Configuration and change Auto Upgrade Interval (hours) to 0 (or change autoUpgradeIntervalH to 0 in config.xml while Syncthing isn’t running).

Syncthing shouldn’t autoupdate anymore after changing those settings.

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FWIW, the Syncthing Windows Installer package allows disabling of automatic upgrades at installation time.

The Syncthing Configuration Settings page in the installer allows you to set the automatic upgrade interval; just set it to 0. If you want to do this automatically, specify /autoupgradeinterval=0 on the installer’s command line; e.g.:

syncthing-1.19.0-setup /autoupgradeinterval=0


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