How to start again on a Mac (complete uninstall)

OK, I have failed miserably to share our company folder. I get 23,000 errors, including thens of thousands along the lines of:

yyy/xxx/DSC00816.JPG peers who had this file went away, or the file has changed while syncing. will retry later

I suspect ticking “introducer” was this mistake. May of the files in error belong to devices which no longer exist.

As another attempt, I want to wipe everything, and start again, this time with only a single user and no introducer, to see if this will sync.

Any idea how to do this? I know that syncthing puts stuff in various places int he home dir, not just in the dir you downloaded the executables.

I saw a post saying it put it in tild/.config/synchting, but its not there (nor .syncthing)

I also get frequent syncthing crashes (have to kill the terminal and re-launch), and 0% synced.

If you remove the folders everywhere and start again, it should be enough.

Great. Which folders? Where is the config stored, including all the devices I want to get rid of? I looked where I downloaded the mac version from, could not find any config file in it, so am guessing there are stored somewhere outside of this (Library, home dir?)

Unfortunately, how to uninstall is missing from the user guides.

Syncthing folders in the web UI

I think you mis-understand. I dont want to delete the folders, I want to uninstall syncthing. I have tens of thousands of errors trying to download the shared folder (so it fails), and want to start again with one one devices sharing (currently I have 80+ as I used introducer). So I want to get rid of every trace of syncthing, especially the list of devices. Deleting them one by one is very slow. I have been unable to find where syncthing keeps its config.

If you installed it using brew, brew probably has a way to uninstall it. You haven’t explained how you installed in the first place. You can probably run syncthing -paths and delete the config and database directories.

In installed by downloading the official mac version from syncthing site. Its a zip file which I uncompressed and run the syncthing executable.

Brew is not really an option as I need to document a way to install and configure syncthing without using terminal/unix for the Mac users who don’t know what terminal is (sales/marketing etc)

As AudriusButkevicius said, run Syncthing with the -paths parameter and it will print the location of the config.

OK, after running with -paths from command line, it seems its putting most stuff in /Users/me/Library/Application Support/Syncthing.

So in order to uninstall or reset syncthing, one presumably has to delete this folder.

I am surprised there are no uninstall instructions anywhere with these steps, or a script to uninstall.

A script to remove software doesn’t really make sense when there isn’t a script to install it.

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