how to specify spaces in folder names ?


I just started Syncthing today to sync my old Synology box to new FreeNAS and I love it already ! Simple setup !

One issue I cannot find in docs or forum is I want to sync a folder with my Time Machine backups. The folder is called “/volume1/Time Machine/” or /volume1/Time\ Machine/ on the synology. I have tried this format and quotes and quotes around “Time Machine”, but cannot get it to work. I always get folder does not exist.

Any ideas ?

Do you mean the folder path, rather than the folder name?

Regardless, you should just enter it without any magic.

/volume1/Time Machine

However, FreeNAS does a lot of interesting things with process jails and permissions. Syncthing might just not be able to access the volume even though you entered it correctly.

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Thanks for the answer, going to try that. I have the permissions and jails figured out I think, since I am syncing another folder…

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