how to solve "file changed during hashing" ?

How to fix “file changed during hashing”

like this:

Are you continuously updating these files?

Syncthing hashes a file to create a fingerprint of it. This is an atomic operation and any write to the file will cause the hashing to fail and be postponed. This is not a problem if Syncthing is able to calculate a hash at some point.

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But it’s been an hour since I passed and he still has this problem?

My initial question still stands. Do you continuously update these files? Syncthing would never be able to hash them if that’s the case.

That file was from 9.27 yesterday, and today is 9.28. It has not been touched for one night.

Runtime metric csv files do very much look like candidates for continuous writing. If that continuous writing stopped, I expect another scan (due to filesystem watcher or periodic) to pick up the change. What scanning setting do you use and does a manually triggered scan fix those?

thanks very much.

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